What We Do

We run exciting achievement, aspiration raising and leadership programmes for young people with a diverse range of heritage and backgrounds. In purpose equipped training premises, our programmes are staffed by professionals, volunteers and support workers. All, including volunteers, are DBS checked as necessary.

We guide and lead our students out of their comfort zones, exploring museums, theatres, workplaces and universities. We arrange ‘real’ work experience that banishes preconceptions, introducing our students to the vast range of opportunities that await them.

We Offer Programmes for…

6th formers and college students
Looked after children… and their carers
In service training for teachers and education professionals
Training for child related social work professionals
Equality and diversity training and consultancy for people from industry, business and commerce, the arts and sport.


Why We Do It

Because it’s right and just…because it works…and because we can!

The lack of achievement during compulsory school years means unemployment rates for Black and Minority Ethnic adults over the past twenty years have been up to twice as high as those experienced by other UK adults. Young people who are ‘Looked After’ can fair even worse. We can change that!

The Target Group

The movers and shakers of tomorrow: future high achievers from our diverse range of communities and backgrounds. Youngsters with potential to become the senior managers and CEOs of coming decades, standing as models of excellence in their chosen fields.

 We catch them young! Our range of programmes can focus on youngsters from age 9, through higher education or apprenticeships- and on to junior management level, positively tracking the road to success right from the start of the critical primary key stage 2. So our students succeed at GCSE, A level, Further and Higher Education.

The Impact

Stepladder programmes make a difference! We maximise the achievement of  young people. Our programmes feature intellectual stimulation, common experience of learning and effective support mechanisms, with clear career pathway directions…and lots of FUN! These factors are proven to boost educational and personal performance, providing our students with lasting life skills that set them up for future success.

  • Opening doors to the ‘real world of work’ with work experience, shadowing and mentoring
  • Steeply increasing achievement, motivation, confidence, communication and leadership
  • Better exam grades…good 6th form places…good apprenticeships and excellent university entries
  • Changing perceptions: increasing equality, diversity, inclusion and effectiveness across all the organisations we touch