About us

Unique Programmes 

Our tailored education and motivation programmes respond to the needs of students and their communities. We build every one from scratch, because the world is ever changing and we believe that every single young person deserves a chance to succeed. There are some common themes running through our programmes that make them ‘Stepladder’ programmes. 

Young People At The Centre

Everything we do is designed and planned around the needs of the young people we support. Regardless of our students’ backgrounds; we know that we are working with the leaders of tomorrow. Our focus is always on them; providing academic and pastoral support, as well as everything in between, to ensure that they have the confidence to achieve. Our programmes are put together to help young people succeed, whatever it takes.

Amazing Destinations

Our expectations are sky high and the young people on our programmes not only achieve them, but go on to independently set further challenges for themselves. Stepladder students that otherwise may not have climbed so high, end our programmes with strategies to go all the way to extraordinary.


Networking starts at home. We bring together students, their families, schools and other agencies to support the whole child in a refreshing and positive way. Stepladder also brings together other parts of the community that, under normal circumstances, would not meet. For example, we partner and engage blue chip businesses and inspirational organisations to make our programmes effective and relevant.


We don’t let go of our students! Our alumni are the strongest asset we have; they facilitate our programmes and support the next generation of young people. Our young people go on to stand as models of excellence in their respective communities and serve as a network of real people with a range of experience and expertise that can be called upon to help. We continue with light touch support for our alumni with their respective endeavours should they need it into their adult lives.